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Our problems aren't easy

But, they're important - solving them makes a real difference.

See below for just a few examples of the types of problems our UX team works on at athenahealth. Some we’ve already started, while others are waiting for a team to come and take it on. We find it helpful to frame our problems as “how might we...” statements - see more about this framework.

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How might we make doctors’ care plans more interactive so patients are confident and engaged during their recovery?

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How might we provide patients greater choice and transparency in scheduling their appointments online so they can find the right doctor at a time that is most convenient for the patient?

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How might we provide insights around clinical performance and outcomes at the moment of care so that physicians can be aware of best practices while recognizing their need for autonomy and control?

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How might we accelerate the process of setting up a physician’s schedule and opening it to online booking, while accounting for the unique constraints and needs of individual doctors and offices?

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How might we provide office managers a clear and comprehensive view of their team’s workload so they feel confident nothing important is falling through the cracks?

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How might we enable patients to upload health information and data from their personal devices and incorporate it into their health profile in a meaningful way?