Federally Qualified Health Center solutions

Tailored solutions that help you stay patient focused

Achieve operational excellence and improve patient outcomes with comprehensive solutions designed to support Federally Qualified Health Centers.

Robust support for FQHCs

Succeeding as an FQHC requires managing multiple sources of revenue and shifting regulatory requirements, all while maintaining your organization’s efficiency. Our FQHC billing services help support your financial performance so your team can focus on providing care to your community.

  • Drive operational success

    Have confidence in your financial performance with our curated FQHC billing services.

  • Improve care coordination

    Track the care your patients receive across the care continuum through our open network.

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  • Simplify UDS reporting

    Our technology streamlines data capture for UDS reporting, freeing you to focus on patients.


Whole-person care—including dental

Provide your patients a more holistic experience with athenaOne Dental, our cloud-based medical and dental record designed specifically for FQHCs. Offer a more unified patient experience while providing clinicians with a more complete view of their patients' medical and dental health.


Improved workflows, billing efficiency, and patient care

CenterPlace Health used athenaOne and our Advisory Services to improve employee engagement and collaboration across their six locations. As a result, they increased patient visits by 42% and time-of-service copay collection by 124%.

Solutions designed to help FQHCs thrive