Master MACRA and MIPS

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Current as of December 2016

It’s more important to keep up with some trends than others. With fast-changing healthcare regulations like MACRA and MIPS, your organization needs to be future-proof. We help secure the path by understanding every change, so you don't have to.

You can hand over the attestation process to us; we anticipate healthcare industry change on the horizon, and propose the best measures for each client. And because updates can be pushed out across the network overnight, you’ll always be prepared.

Our approach to healthcare regulations

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    Our teams monitor changes to federal quality programs on your behalf.

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    Quality measures are integrated directly into your workflow.

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    You’ll get the updates you need, as soon as you need them.

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Webinar: 2019 policy, predictions, and your reimbursements

Join our Government Affairs team for their informed congressional predictions, including interoperability, data privacy, the increase in rule-making, and more.
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The benefits of this approach

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    Get the patient information you need from thousands of connected organizations.
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    athenahealth network
    Tap a network of 135K providers for strategic insights and benchmarks.
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    Improved efficiency
    Get automation and support to streamline work or get it off your plate.
    Reduce your workload
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    Master MACRA and MIPS
    Keep your organization ahead of changing healthcare regulations.
    Dependable stability
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    Cost and value
    No sunk costs. Your investment drives real returns before you see your first bill.
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    Customer support
    Get the training and assistance to achieve your goals and live support anytime.
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Our services

athenaOne—our suite of integrated, network-enabled services—shifts the work of tracking changes in government initiatives onto our to-do list, letting you focus on the work that matters most.