Medical billing services

Billing solutions that help you collect more of what you're owed faster.

Improve your financial performance with services that relieve administrative work while keeping you ahead of industry change.

Take your financial performance from healthy to thriving

Make missed collections history while freeing your staff to focus on patients. Our medical billing services perform routine  and intense billing work while providing total visibility into and control of your financial performance.

Tame the pain of perpetual industry change

Staying current on evolving payer and regulatory requirements requires a lot of work. From Value-Base Care to continuous payer changes, our medical billing services combine industry expertise with insights from healthcare’s largest connected network

Expanded revenue cycle support

These additional fully integrated solutions build on our medical billing services to offer additional specialized support.

  • Enhanced Claims Resolution

    Let us work complex claim denials to completion, saving you the cost, time, and effort of training new staff.

  • Medical Coding

    Get fast, accurate medical coding support from certified coding specialists that seamlessly integrates into your daily workflow.

  • Authorization Management

    Spend less time on hold with payers and more time focused on patients by delegating authorization work to our team of specialists.

Awards & Recognition
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See your day through our medical billing workflow

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Never lose track of medical billing tasks

See all your claim and appointment-related tasks on a single dashboard in real-time.


athenahealth values optimization of my revenue as much as I do. They give me the tools and support to lift up the hood of the practice and see where we can do better. I don’t know any other EHR vendor that does that. athenahealth’s partnership will sustain my practice into the future.


Eric Freeman, MD, FAAP, Old Dominion Pediatrics

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