Make it easier to deliver quality care with exchanged data that automatically integrates into your organization’s workflows.

Data that surfaces when and where you need it

Most interoperability enables open data exchange but fails to integrate it for clinical use. Our technology is different. It curates data from any trusted source for seamless integration into the recipient’s clinical workflows. This gives patients more control over where they can seek care and makes it easier for clinicians to make informed care decisions.

Improving the care delivery experience

Patient record sharing automatically locates your patient’s records and surfaces them directly into your workflow. You get the data you need when you need it and can stay focused on your patient.

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    Get a single, longitudinal view of patient data — regardless of where they received care.

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    Trusted data are curated for your organization’s system and injected directly into your workflows.

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    Actionable data are surfaced at the point of care, making it easier for clinicians to make better-informed decisions.

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    Users are provided with a more friendly and cohesive experience across applications and systems.

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Fewer phone calls. More face time.

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The benefits of this approach
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    Exchange patient data that are curated for your EHR, regardless of its origin.
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    athenahealth network

    Make care delivery easier with seamless, secure data exchange.
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    Improved efficiency

    Relieve your staff of work and streamline your workflows with automation.
    Reduce your workload
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    Master MACRA and MIPS

    Keep your organization ahead of changing healthcare regulations.
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    Cost and value

    See returns on your investment before your first bill.
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    Customer support

    Achieve your organizational goals with expert training assistance and live support.
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