Developer Tools and Resources

Driving efficiency and improving workflows for building apps and interfaces

Tools and resources

  • API Access

    Over 800 API endpoints make it simple to extend our platform with differentiated apps and integrate them into provider, patient, or biller workflows.1 You can find relevant documentation on our Developer Portal.

  • Interfaces

    HL7, C-CDA, and other interfaces support the exchange of clinical data across systems and the ability to surface it in real-time within users’ native workflow. You can also request custom interfaces.

  • Data View

    Get on-demand access to our data store and browser-based SQL editor that’s optimized for analytics and bulk extraction. You can also connect our backend data store directly to a business intelligence tool or data warehouse.

  • Marketplace Partners Program

    Promote and distribute your integrated app at scale on the largest national network in healthcare.

  • athenaOne® EHI Export

    Export patient and practice data as structured Electronic Health Information (EHI) using athenaOne’s EHI Export feature. Demographics, healthcare, billing, and several other datasets can be efficiently exported in machine-readable formats in a self-service mode.

  • athena-to-athena Data Migration

    Efficiently migrate patients, appointments, and chart data between athenaOne provider groups or contexts to facilitate continuity of care during practice transitions and expansions.

  • Data Conversion and Import

    Our data conversion and import services enable continuity of care through bulk data transfer when transitioning from a legacy EHR to athenaOne. Learn more about how we import your data with a streamlined, cost-effective approach.

  • Patient Record Sharing (PRS)

    View a more complete picture of your patient’s care by automatically exchanging patient medical records with 84,000+ care sites via our national patient data exchange partners, CommonWell Health Alliance and Carequality.

1 Based on athenahealth data as of Sept. 2022