The athenahealth network

The latest breakthrough in medicine isn’t medicine—it’s the collective knowledge of more than 160,000 providers and 100 million patients, sharing everything they know on the nation's most  connected healthcare network.

That's a treasure trove of information about payers, regulations, the conditions of patients, and the behavior of successful physicians. We inject that knowledge into our clients' workflow—so as our network grows, your business gets smarter.

The benefits of a healthcare network

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    See clinical recommendations based on patients' other activity on the network.

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    Compare population health performance to other providers' outcomes.

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    Exchange information with over a quarter of a million points of care: specialists, urgent cares, pharmacies, labs, imaging facilities, etc.

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Whitepaper: The High-Performing Physician Network

Learn how data collected from the athenahealth network helped identify the key attributes of highly effective practices.
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The benefits of this approach

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    Get the patient information you need from thousands of connected organizations.
    Get connected
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    athenahealth network
    Tap a network of 135K providers for strategic insights and benchmarks.
    Learn from insights
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    Improved efficiency
    Get automation and support to streamline work or get it off your plate.
    Reduce your workload
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    Master MACRA and MIPS
    Keep your organization ahead of changing healthcare regulations.
    Dependable stability
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    Cost and value
    No sunk costs. Your investment drives real returns before you see your first bill.
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    Customer support
    Get the training and assistance to achieve your goals and live support anytime.
    Count on support

Our services

athenaOne—our suite of integrated, network-enabled services—works to pull insights from every corner of our vast provider network. athenahealth is a committed partner that continues to grow our network, so you can access the knowledge you need.

See how our network-collected data drives results

Our Network Operations Center works around the clock to keep our network secure — and find the data that will fine-tune your practice’s performance.