Improved Efficiency

You didn't go into healthcare to manage mindless, time-consuming administrative tasks. Luckily, we did. We seek out—and stamp out—obstacles to a smarter healthcare experience. So while you cure the patients, we’ll cure the inefficiencies.

With expert back-office teams and automation, we take on your administrative work—at speed, at scale, and more efficiently than any one organization possibly could—so you can focus on the higher-value work you went into healthcare to do.

How we reduce healthcare administrative work

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    Avoid denied claims: We find, fix, and resubmit claims for our clients—hundreds of thousands every month.

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    Clear your revenue hurdles: We'll find issues, flag them, and show you how to fix them—before they become real problems.

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    Boost your productivity: If your organization's efficiency lags, we’ll proactively reach out and get you the training your staff needs.

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Webinar: 4 proven ways to reduce your workload

Learn the best ways to triage your tasks so your providers and staff can focus on doing the important work they’re uniquely able to do.
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Our approach sets us apart

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    With thousands of connections, you’ll get the patient information you need.
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    athenahealth network
    Put our network intelligence–pulled from 100,000+ providers—to work for you.
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    Improved efficiency
    We automate the work slowing down our clients, or take it off their plates entirely.
    Reduce your workload
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    Master MACRA and MIPS
    Amidst changing healthcare regulations, we can keep your organization future-proof.
    Depend on stability
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    Cost and value
    Unlike software, we're not a sunk cost. Your investment will drive real returns.
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    Client support
    You’re our partner, with onboarding and on-demand guidance, anytime.
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Our services

athenaOne—our suite of integrated, network-enabled services—shifts work from your plate to ours, letting you focus on the real reason you went into healthcare: patients’ health.