3 ways to take the pain out of prior authorizations

See how we:

  • Provide visibility into the care being ordered
  • Curate and apply knowledge of payer requirements
  • Take work off your plate

It likely comes as no surprise that prior authorization is the single most time consuming and costly administrative transaction for providers. On average, physicians and practice staff spend 14.9 hours securing 31 prior authorizations, per physician each week. This single task can cost nearly $11 per transaction when conducted manually, and can often be a waste of time when it ends up being unnecessary for the service being ordered.

Health plans can vary widely in their requirements, and keeping current with those requirements is often complicated and costly. Hours spent on the phone with payers are hours taken away from patients and exchanged for draining administrative work. Given the significant toll that prior authorizations can take on your practice, outsourcing this work may be a better alternative to handling it within your practice.

To learn 3 strategies for taking the pain out of prioritization, read our whitepaper.

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