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Features and services

Support vital patient care and help maintain your practice’s schedule density with telehealth visits that comply with HIPAA. athenaTelehealth offers a seamless patient experience that builds on athenaOne’s existing email and text message communication channels. Integrated workflows minimize disruption for your practice, and full integration with athenaOne streamlines the billing process.

  • Fully-embedded solution

    No additional platforms to learn. No other vendors. Complete a full telehealth visit—from appointment scheduling through billing—without ever leaving athenaOne.

  • Group video conferencing

    Allow caregivers or additional care team members to participate in an encounter by including up to four individuals in a video consultation.

  • Customizable video window

    Increase the size of the video window for a closer examination, or shrink and move it to ease documentation while maintaining eye contact. The window can be adjusted to support you in the moment of care.

  • Integrated billing support

    "Telehealth” visit types trigger tailored coding and billing workflows, allowing you to generate revenue while working quickly and efficiently.

  • Automated patient outreach

    Patients receive reminders and communicate through the same email and text message channels they already know.

  • No downloads required

    No additional software or integrations are necessary. Patients can join telehealth visits from any computer or mobile device with a current web browser and integrated camera.

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See how athenaTelehealth works

This embedded telehealth product has integrated workflows and is simple for patients and providers to use. See what an athenaTelehealth visit looks like.

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    services now payable at in-person rates when provided via telehealth.

    “The telemedicine interface built into athenaOne EHR has simplified the experience for my patients and myself. Even my less tech-savvy patients have been able to successfully utilize the system and report less confusion with the setup compared to other telehealth options.”


    — Dr. Dillon Miller, MD, Quorum Health