Experts share insights on strategic innovation

By Carley Thornell | September 1, 2022


After the scramble that was 2020, and a continued focus on vaccinations and variants last year, healthcare is greeting the first half of 2022 by warmly embracing new ideas about improving the future of medicine.

The burgeoning costs of medical care. Clinician burnout. A consumer-driven patient experience. The challenges facing healthcare are numerous – as are the opportunities.

Listen to insights from athenahealth experts below on their strategies and vision on improving the future of medicine and eliminating friction across the healthcare continuum.

1. Build a technology experience that benefits patient-provider connection and well-being

What progress have we made in enhancing access to care, and access to data to inform that care? How does burnout and physician well-being affect patients? How do we provide a better experience that benefits both clinicians and their patients? Learn more about how innovation can revolutionize usability and access, with athenahealth Chief Medical Officer Dr. Nele Jessel, and Vice President of Product Management Curtis Sherbo.

2. Adopt solutions that revolutionize payer-provider relationships

Manual work is a leading source of friction between payers and clinicians. And each wants the best outcomes for patients and cost control when it comes to value-based care. Thanks to risk and care gap guidance, along with network and referral management, the goals of healthcare organizations and those who pay for care no longer have to be mutually exclusive. Learn more with athenahealth Vice President of Platform Services Michael Palantoni.

3. Discover the role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in transforming healthcare

Chatbots. Auto-populated patient information forms. Data reconciliation. The possibilities for artificial intelligence and machine learning to curtail pain points in healthcare are seemingly endless. Learn more about how athenahealth plans to revolutionize experiences for the clinician and patient — while improving financial outcomes — in a thought-provoking session with Chief Product Officer Paul Brient.

4. Enhance interoperability experientially

True connectivity will reduce barriers to seeking, receiving, and delivering care — and, ultimately, save lives. But how to get there? Learn more about athenahealth's ambitious vision for the future of interoperability, and the five key requirements for the healthcare ecosystem to successfully make this transformation, with Executive Director of Platform Solutions & Services Michael Kovach.

5. Battle burnout while enhancing operational efficiency

"The Great Resignation" and resulting administrative staffing shortage have magnified stress across the healthcare continuum — but there are ways to maintain and enhance efficiency while also removing some of the most burdensome tasks from the shoulders of those who need relief. athenahealth Executive Director of Product Strategy Aaron Shimoff shares solutions to combat burnout and lower attrition in today’s challenging environment.