Built for This: A sustainable model connects the dots and supports clinicians, patients

September 17, 2020

Watch as a small clinic in hard-hit San Antonio rallies to serve its community in unique ways during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the “Thriving on the Frontlines” docuseries, Dr. Nora Garza shares a compelling story about relying on athenahealth’s support to quickly, consistently, and effectively communicate with patients while providing exceptional care.

“This is a crisis… but everything I have learned; every single diagnosis; every single assessment has brought me to this point… I feel built for this and prepared for this, and it is athenahealth that gives me that gumption and that ability in a time when people are in their greatest need.” — Dr. Nora Garza, Garza Medical Group

Thriving on the Frontlines: Stories of Resilience and Resolve is a five-part video series that takes viewers inside the stories of four athenahealth customers as they chart new paths for their practices in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. View the full series.

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