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Learn how to remain independent and succeed as a Community, Rural and Critical Access Hospital in today's evolving healthcare landscape.

Community Hospital Reimbursement Models Evolve

Community hospital reimbursement models need to change with the evolution of health care. Whether being part of an ACO is in your hospital’s future or not, value-based and population-management-based health care is probably here to stay, as are reimbursement models based on them. Community hospital reimbursement (which includes rural hospital reimbursement and critical access hospital reimbursement) is going to involve more financial risk, and, in order to survive and thrive, your hospital must be ready to take on that risk.

How? By putting systems in place that provide you with the tools, information, and procedures you’ll need to:

  • Bridge a variety of gaps in care
  • Make and manage population health decisions across care teams 
  • Schedule patients efficiently anywhere in your health care system
  • Make informed decisions at the point of care
  • Align all of your providers on hospital policies and procedures 
  • Serve more demanding populations (such as high-risk diabetics)
Your hospital systems should integrate clinical care and financials to help you eliminate redundant testing and care as well as provide physicians with the data they need to meet payment reform quality care requirements. You’ll also need systems that enable you to interact and exchange data easily with other hospitals, labs, payers, state registries, imaging centers, and other partners. 

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