Decoding Healthcare

Podcast episode 8: Of llamas and interop

  | May 9, 2018

"Decoding Healthcare" goes on the road to Unity Farm Sanctuary in Sherborn, Mass., to talk with farmer-slash-healthcare visionary John Halamka, M.D., CIO of Beth Israel Deaconness Medical Center in Boston.

In addition to determining exactly why llamas spit, Halamka and podcast hosts athenahealth CMO Kevin Ban, M.D., and athenaInsight editor-in-chief John Fox delve deep on sharing patient records, moving care beyond hospital walls, battling physician burnout, tapping the power of telemedicine, and hooking up with "ambient listening" devices (Alexa, can you hear us?).


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Looking for more insight into interoperability? Watch now to learn how to build a holistic patient view and achieve data integration.

Podcast episode 8: Of llamas and interop