Technology that puts the focus on patients

Finding ways to improve your clinical efficiency and financial performance while providing quality care is a daily challenge. Our technology can help speed up your revenue cycle while decreasing costs and making it easier to spend quality time with patients.

It’s truly an honor to have our products recognized across the industry

Keep your claims flowing smoothly

Relieve your staff of medical coding work while maintaining complete visibility into your entire revenue cycle. Our medical coding service is fast, accurate, HIPAA-compliant, and it seamlessly integrates into your workflows.


Practice medicine anywhere, anytime

Empower physicians to do critical clinical work from their mobile devices. Our free, fully integrated mobile app allows you to document visits anytime and complete urgent tasks outside the office. Catch up or get ahead of work when the time is right for you.

Making more space for patients

Valley Medical Group (VMG) wanted to implement a new approach to care that would ease the burden of documentation and support better quality face time with patients. See how VMG transitioned to a team-based care model that reduced work for primary care physicians and made room for them to build better relationships with patients.