Breaking the burnout cycle


Burnout was already on the rise before the pandemic, but with the added stress and turmoil of the past few years, healthcare worker burnout is contributing to unprecedented staff turnover and staff shortages. As it becomes more and more difficult to hire and retain staff, healthcare organizations are understandably concerned about the sustainability of their clinical and administrative workforce.

Burnout and Turnover

The right partner can reduce the burden

Managing the revenue cycle is increasingly complex, with new reimbursement models and changing regulatory requirements. Staff turnover only increases the challenge, with new people who need to be trained on how to bill properly.

Insights from the athenahealth network empower organizations to discover revenue gaps and identify opportunities to address clinician and staff burnout. athenahealth experts can also take on a lot of the time-consuming manual processes that come with authorizations, coding, and claims. Healthcare organizations can get paid what they’re owed faster, without the hassle of managing a third-party biller or hiring more staff.

With athenaOne’s comprehensive, fully integrated revenue cycle technology and services, staff can focus on higher-value work like patient care, improving the patient experience, and maximizing financial performance.

The stakes are high when it comes to prior authorizations: 91% of physicians report that authorizations sometimes, often, or always delay patient care. With athenahealth’s authorization management service, a team of authorization specialists handle the process: determining if authorization is needed, submitting documentation, and following up on authorization status through completion. The result? Staff spend less time on hold, and patients get the care they need.

Medical coding tasks frequently contribute to after-hours time for clinicians and staff. And when they’re unable to squeeze in the work, coding backlogs can lead to claim processing delays that risk revenue. athenahealth’s medical coding service takes on coding tasks with fast, accurate coding. Backed by a robust quality assurance program, athenahealth’s coding team relieves clinicians and staff from after-hours coding-related work, improving your denials rate — and the employee experience.

Pursuing denied claims can be incredibly time-consuming, but not resolving them is costly. athenahealth’s enhanced claim resolution service picks up complex and denied claims, working them to completion without burdening staff. athenahealth’s integrated coding and billing team processes claim issues, communicates with payers, and resolves denials, ensuring that organizations get paid what they’re owed.

When clinicians and staff are no longer bogged down with the minutiae of revenue cycle management, or spending valuable time trying to get information from a third-party biller, they can focus on what they do best: caring for patients.