Our EHR Services

Implementing EHR Services

We deliver cloud-based EHR services — more than just software — to help improve care and promote efficiency.

When electronic health record services work as intended

When the true promise of an EHR is realized, information is more readily available to care team members, and the delivery of care can improve.

Our EHR service, athenaClinicals®, is intuitive, easy to use, and streamlines the encounter so physicians can focus on care. By surfacing clinical intelligence throughout the encounter without disrupting the workflow, we help drive better care and greater efficiency — even when satisfying important measures for quality-focused initiatives like Meaningful Use, P4P, ICD-10 and more.

Staying on top of change

Through our cloud-based network, we’ve removed the traditional barriers to EHR adoption, and eliminated the cost and hassle of buying servers or paying hefty up-front licensing fees. We continually updated our software for free, with valuable knowledge, insight, payer rules and more shared with every provider across the network, to promote efficiency and performance.

EHRs shouldn't interfere with efficiency

Our EHR services team takes on clinical paperwork for providers, electronically sorting and attaching results to the right patient chart, building and maintaining connections with labs, pharmacies, hospitals and registries, and processing every data transaction.

To further protect the sanctity of the provider-patient relationship, athenaClinicals delegates work intelligently, keeping basic tasks out of the exam room so providers can give patients their undivided attention.

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