The athenaInsight 2016/2017 Lyme Disease Dashboard

By Philip Galebach and Leah VanWhy | July 27, 2017

athenaInsight is tracking the spread of Lyme disease across the United States using diagnoses from the athenahealth network. Use the interactive graphic above to focus on a state or single week. Check back weekly for updated data.

Data analysis by senior athenaResearch associate Philip Galebach. Designed and developed by Ted Andrick. Animation and illustration by Matt Riddle. Art direction by Leah VanWhy and senior art director Liz Kellogg.

Notes on methodology:

This Lyme-tracking initiative takes advantage of athenahealth’s nationwide network of providers to measure the incidence of Lyme disease across more than 1 million patient visits per week to primary care providers, pediatricians, retail/urgent care, emergency departments, dermatologists, neurologists, and infectious disease specialists at over 2,100 practices. Using diagnosis codes from insurance claims data at the state and national levels, the dashboard quantifies how many patients with Lyme disease diagnoses are seen by each practice and estimates the proportion of patients with a Lyme diagnosis at practices around the country.

The athenaInsight 2016/2017 Lyme Disease Dashboard