About athenaInsight

Healthcare is staring down some big, hairy challenges. How to cross the chasm to value-based care. How to help physicians avoid burn out and thrive. How to enlist patients in their own care. How to advance mission without risking margin. But industry leaders often lack basic guideposts: data-driven performance insight and proven, replicable best practices to get from here to there.

athenaInsight’s mission is to bridge the gap.

We are a daily news hub reporting from the heart of the healthcare internet, with access to a comprehensive data set of healthcare transactions from athenahealth’s nationwide network. It’s a real-time view of over 100,000 providers and 98 million de-identified patient records, whose demographics closely match the nation’s. As their data move across the continuum – from patients to providers to labs, hospitals, and other facilities – the network offers unprecedented visibility into American healthcare.

From research into this and other data sets, our researchers, writers, and visual designers extract insights on the key drivers and habits of high performing health systems. We distill the strategies, best practices, tips and tricks that drive evidence-based results. We offer lessons from within and beyond healthcare for effective leadership and managing the well being of physicians and staff. And we are a source of near real-time monitoring of clinical trends, from the flu to the opioid crisis, that shape public health discourse and the practice of healthcare on every level.

The result? Proven ideas and sparks of inspiration for making healthcare work as it should.

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