About The High-Performing Physician Network

The High-Performing Physician Network framework builds off years of research into successful service organizations — paired with a data-driven analysis of top performers across the athenahealth network. It’s based on a model that’s been tested and proven in other service industries and highlights the importance of developing capability among physicians, staff, and patients — an intentional process that’s designed and driven by healthcare leaders.

High performance begins with physicians and staff who are engaged, satisfied, and productive — and perceive themselves capable of delivering effective care. This capability doesn’t just happen; it stems from intentional design of the workplace, from strategic incentives to sensible workflows to improvement resources.

For healthcare to be effective, patients must be capable, as well. Patients perform a great deal of “unpaid work” in service of their own care: They chase referrals, manage medications, go to physical therapy, drive to the pharmacy, and are often the main point of information flow among their providers. So healthcare systems must intentionally design the “job of the patient,” paying conscious attention to the full patient experience, from access to communication channels.

None of this is possible without effective leaders, who must provide a clear, galvanizing vision, robust accountability structures, and a belief that culture is a critical asset worth developing and protecting.

Superior performance also requires a technology platform that enables seamless coordination of care across the continuum, removes work at every point in the patient journey, and supports physicians and staff to better meet the needs of their patients.

The framework reveals a fundamental truth: Healthcare, like any service industry, is about engaging and inspiring people so they can perform at their best, and in turn engage and inspire one another. Engaged physicians and staff provide a better patient experience. Satisfied patients inspire physicians and staff in a reinforcing cycle. The end result is better financial and clinical results.

Learn how your organization can put the framework into practice.