Join a community influencing the future of healthcare

For CEO Kim Marden, there’s a lot of value in having a voice in how athenahealth is developing products. But the inspiration, support, and friendships she shares within the Executive Advocate community have proven even more valuable.

About the program

We’re inviting C-suite leaders of enterprise-level practices and health systems to share their experiences with other health leaders through our Executive Advocate Program. Executive Advocates are innovators and thought leaders who sincerely believe in our mission and share our vision of unleashing healthcare’s potential. Working alongside our teams, they will cultivate thought leadership content, discuss strategy, share their experiences, and speak candidly to other healthcare leaders to help them understand the impact athenahealth has made on their business. In addition to raising their profile on a national scale and gaining exposure for their organization, Executive Advocates play an important role in reshaping healthcare.

Getting started


Becoming an Executive Advocate starts with a nomination from your customer success manager or sales executive. The Client Advocacy team will review your organization’s information and performance and schedule a call to discuss program details with you. Once you’re approved, you’ll receive a contract outlining your responsibilities and compensation, a W-9 tax form, and information about your next steps.


Benefits for you and your organization


In addition to gaining exposure for your organization and helping your colleagues make better-informed business decisions, you’ll be helping us grow our network. By connecting more physicians and providers, you’ll be helping improve our ability to learn from each other.


Additional benefits can include:


  • Access to Alphas and Betas of upcoming solution
  • The ability to influence product roadmaps
  • Multiple avenues to share your successes
  • Invitations to tell your story at events
  • Access to training and consulting services for best practice workflows
  • The ability to work closely with other advocates
  • Access to exclusive content and learning opportunities
  • Networking opportunities
  • An additional internal advocate through our team to assist you and/or work with your CSM
  • Additional compensations