Use Analytics to Simplify & Improve Quality Performance

In 2020, StrideCare converted 14 disparate systems across their 80 practices to athenaOne to evolve their organization. Moving into 2022, quality performance became a top priority. In partnership with Advisory Services, StrideCare optimizes their MIPS program and quality management. Through performance goals, aligning performance and operations insights, and defined performance management roles, they automate continuous process improvement and establish a new performance management model. This performance management package has led to 32% year-over-year improvement in quality measure performance and enabled StrideCare to maximize patient outcomes and incentive payments.



  • MIPS program and measure workflow knowledge gaps. 

  • Lack of standardized workflows leading to challenges with performance management.

  • Cumbersome reporting tools resulting in lack of performance management rigor and insights

  • Lack of attention from Providers on MIPS program.


athenahealth illustration of data with gears in front showing the potential of configuration


  • Advisory Services MIPS optimization and performance management engagement

  • Data View and PowerBI hosted solution to deliver custom quality analytics

  • New performance management framework

  • Ongoing support with process improvement implementation, including workflow development and education

  • Quality management and leadership team education and coaching

athenahealth illustration of magnifying glass reviewing data


  • 5+ custom reports

  • Improved efficiencies in data and analytics operations

  • Enhanced business insights, data quality and accuracy

  • Optimized quality workflows

  • Created a data model and analytics solution that will evolve with client’s business

  • 32% year over year quality measure performance improvement at mid-year mark, projected to maximize end of year program incentives

Advisory Services' extensive expertise in MIPS regulations, reporting methodologies, and quality measures positions them as an invaluable resource for our organization. They work closely with our team to develop customized strategies that address our specific MIPS reporting goals, optimizing our potential for higher reimbursement and improved performance scores. They provide ongoing support and guidance throughout the MIPS reporting cycle to ensure that our company remains well-prepared for future changes in MIPS regulations. Their demonstrated expertise, dedication to client success, and comprehensive approach make them a valuable asset to our company. By enlisting their support, we are confident in our ability to not only meet MIPS requirements but also to thrive in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

—Heather Grizzle, Director of Clinical Integration, StrideCare

These results reflect the experience of one organization and are not necessarily what every athenahealth customer should expect.