Updates made simple with a cloud-based solution

Ridgeview Internal Medicine faced continued roadblocks from frequent, lengthy, and time-consuming software updates, leading to more time spent on server maintenance and less time spent on patients and strategic business initiatives. Adopting athenahealth’s athenaOne cloud-based solution in 2015, which includes free and automatic updates, was a game-changer in reducing IT support burden. The four-provider New York practice now saves time, energy, and money while benefiting from updates that don’t disrupt the workflows they use every day.



  • Laborious and time-intensive software installation updates forced staff to spend considerable time on IT maintenance
  • Frequent IT bugs that had to be fixed with one-off updates distracted staff from other priorities
  • High financial costs for software updates and maintenance


athenaOne, a suite of services integrating clinical records management, revenue cycle management, and patient engagement capabilities



  • athenahealth's cloud-based solution includes free, automatic updates to ensure providers and staff have access to the latest regulations, clinical guidelines, and workflow best practices
  • Automatic, effortless updates let physicians focus on patients and save staff hours of IT tasks
  • Existing clinical and operational workflows remain undisrupted during updates
"I had to use my own time and schedule updates after hours. There were lots of bumps in the road, things that had to be patched and redone. Many practices probably don’t have a partner who can do this for free."

— Dr. Joseph DiPoala, Jr., co-founder, Ridgeview Internal Medicine Group, LLP

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