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Thriving as an independent physician knowledge hub

If you’re a health care provider preparing to succeed on your own, we can show you how to do just that.

Having the right platform to adapt to changes in health care

As changes in healthcare continue to emerge and evolve, we know that static practices cannot survive. The key to thriving through all the changes and uncertainty is not only to maximize efficiency and quality, but also to have a flexible, robust health IT platform and system in place to stay on top of changes in healthcare without having to make large, ongoing investments.

Cloud solutions that are services-focused align their financial incentives with yours—taking on risk with you as well—and are best positioned to help steward independent practices through the upcoming changes in healthcare. Service-based cloud solutions offer built-in, behind-the scenes support to research and anticipate changes in healthcare as part of their business model, and without extra cost to you. They have the people and processes already in place to optimize collections, eliminate workflow inefficiencies, aggregate disparate data, and provide deep visibility into your business processes, clinical activity and referral patterns.

Cloud solutions for healthcare that have a strong service component also give your practice access to expert research, helping you identify and capture new revenue opportunities, and providing industry benchmarks and best practices, so your practice can run at its full potential. The improved visibility and transparency into your business processes provide a path toward improving workflows and cash flows, translating into increased value over time.

To keep pace with the changes in healthcare, practices should look for cloud solutions that offer cost-effective, flexible, robust services that are nimble enough to change as the industry does. The right partner should offer solutions that combine network-enabled services, knowledge gleaned from the rest of the provider network, back-office administrative work, and low upfront costs. This kind of partner has the capabilities and motivation to help your practice thrive independently and adapt to changes in healthcare with:

  • Intelligent division of labor. The vendor works on your practice’s behalf to take on your most time-consuming administrative work (called a co-sourcing approach). You can offload the burdens of tasks such as patient scheduling, and billing and denial management, while benefitting from built-in, behind-the-scenes support to research and anticipate mandates such as Meaningful Use and the conversion to ICD-10, as well as changes from payers.
  • Continually updated 

    network. A cloud solutions vendor offers network-enabled services, continuously updated for everyone across the network. That means fresh information is embedded directly into the user workflow, with no need for disruptive updates—and without added cost.

  • Low up-front costs. Because a network-enabled services vendor does not use what's thought of as "traditional software," there are no hefty licensing fees, no costly upgrades, and no maintenance charges.
  • Painless efficiency. Updates are embedded into workflows where they are easiest for staff to capture or act upon. This means information is available within the workflow to allow providers to make high-value, high-quality clinical decisions at the point of care. In addition, intelligence teams can continually update and revitalize workflows on the network based on industry best practices, or new standards and guidelines.
  • On-demand data. Data ties into just about every aspect of payment reform, but cloud solutions for healthcare provide more than just data reporting: They give your practice actionable insight into your financial performance and your population’s health, empowering your practice to identify and reach out to patients needing care, intervene to improve health and reduce utilization, and track compliance and performance against contractual quality goals and published guidelines—all required for success with today’s healthcare reform and the changes in healthcare on the horizon.


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