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Population Health knowledge hub

Learn how successful population health management can benefit your patients and your medical organization.

Goals & benefits of coordinated care

Effective population health management benefits patients, physicians, health care organizations, the entire health care system, and the nation at large. Here’s how:

  • Patients receive better coordinated care – and enjoy better health – because they are reminded of procedures needed to manage their condition or disease. They also save their portion of the cost for more expensive procedures not required because of timely care.
  • Physicians are better informed and their patients are more engaged, resulting in better outcomes in care. Physicians also more easily satisfy quality measures that focus on engaging patients and providing timely, appropriate, coordinated care.
  • Health care organizations are more profitable – whatever their payment model(s) – because gaps in care are filled, patient volume increases and the cost of delivering care can be more accurately quantified.
  • The health care system benefits from increased preventative care, which helps avoid more expensive procedures and leads to higher quality, more efficient, coordinated care across health care organizations.
  • The nation benefits from reduced health care costs, better management of diseases, and a generally healthier population.

What is population health management?

It’s not just a fashionable trend; it’s a holistic approach that could change the way we think about health care delivery. Health care organizations looking to succeed in the shifting reimbursement landscape should focus on four crucial population management tasks:

  • Identify and engage patients in need of care.
  • Align physicians, care teams and care coordination.
  • Create seamless transitions in care.
  • Optimize revenue and efficiency.

In the following section of this Population Management Knowledge Hub, we'll examine each of these tasks.

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