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Population Health knowledge hub

Learn how successful population health management can benefit your patients and your medical organization.

Population health analytics to optimize revenue & efficiency

Population health management can do as much for a health care organization as for its patients, and the key to success is population health management analytics.

For example, one health care system in New York State tracks hospital admissions for all of its patients. Those who have been admitted are invited into the office soon afterward to deal with the problems that caused the admission. Using this method, the system has increased revenue and reduced its readmission rate significantly – helping keep their patients healthy and their system from being penalized for too many readmissions.

Other organizations identify patients whose conditions warrant regular tests and/or treatments and create campaigns of increasing intensity (such as reminder e-mails over a period of time followed up by phone calls) to get those patients in for their tests/treatments. Again, their patients’ health is well served and the organization increases revenue and satisfies quality measures that require certain populations to have a certain number of office visits annually.

If your organization’s management has a clear picture of which patient populations to attend to, how many people from those populations are being reached, and how well the organization is adhering to care plans and quality measures when treating those patients, they will know where to focus resources to achieve efficiency and financial success.  High-quality population health analytics can provide this picture.

More and more health care organizations are forming or joining ACOs in order to make population health management pay off. In order for your organization to participate successfully in an ACO, it must have:

  • Population health analytics tools to identify and manage high-risk patients, measure quality, and provide ongoing feedback and reporting.
  • The technology and processes for strong patient engagement and clinical process improvement.
  • Demonstrated meaningful use of an EMR system and the ability to update, integrate, and maintain clinical and financial data across clinical partners and from multiple sources.
  • The ability to tie into a coordinated care network, easily sending and receiving essential patient care data electronically.
  • A financial system – integrated into the clinical system – that can assess and manage financial risk.

Whether you employ population health management as an individual organization or as part of an ACO, you must be equipped with population health analytics and other tools that will enable you to make it a profitable endeavor that serves your patients’ needs.

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