Champion Advocate Program

Share your athenaone expertise through teaching and collaboration.

Grow your skills while sharing them with others

Being a Champion Advocate has given Jeff McInnes exposure to the larger healthcare community in ways he might not have otherwise had. He’s had the chance to share his expertise while also being exposed to new ideas, practices, and alternate approaches that he can bring back and implement at Esperanza Medical Center.

About the program

Are you the athenaOne expert everyone in your office comes to for advice? Can you explain the advantages of using specific workflows while also tying that work to your organization’s broader goals? Then we’re looking for you.


We need athenaOne superusers with a deep understanding of best practices to share their experience with peers through teaching, learning, and collaboration opportunities. Advocacy work can include phone calls, specialty webinars, demos, and WebEx referrals. Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, project managers, general superusers, and leaders are all eligible to become a Champion Advocate.

Getting started

Becoming a Champion Advocate starts with a nomination from your customer success manager or sales executive. The Client Advocacy team will review your organization’s information and performance and schedule a call to discuss program details with you. Once you are approved, you’ll receive a contract outlining your responsibilities and compensation, a W-9 tax form, and information about your next steps.


Benefits for you and your organization

In addition to helping to teach your peers the ins-and-outs of athenaOne, other benefits include:


  • Access to Alphas and Betas of upcoming solutions
  • The ability to influence product roadmaps
  • Multiple avenues to share your successes
  • Invitations to tell your story at events
  • Access to training and consulting services for best practice workflows
  • The ability to work closely with other advocates
  • Access to exclusive content and learning opportunities
  • Networking opportunities
  • An additional internal advocate through our team to assist you or work with your CSM
  • Additional compensations