How Clearway Pain is elevating patient care, unveiling data insights, and fueling business growth with OutcomeMD

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OutcomeMD has transformed the way we provide patient care. The ability to objectively track patient symptoms and collect data has not only improved our treatment decisions but also earned us the trust and loyalty of our patients.


— Ira Kornbluth, M.D., president of Clearway Pain Solutions



Closing the data gap for enhanced patient care

Clearway Pain Solutions, a prominent pain management medical practice led by Ira Kornbluth, M.D., faced a significant challenge. As it expanded across six states, the demand for data-driven insights into patient outcomes grew more pronounced. Its primary obstacle was its reliance on static, in-office visit data for significant patient care decisions. This approach imposed time constraints on providers, resulted in imprecise insights due to variations in patient responses, and obstructed the collection of real-time, personalized treatment effectiveness data. To address this challenge, Clearway Pain Solutions turned to OutcomeMD, a patient reported outcome (PRO) platform that allows patients and providers to remotely track outcomes and enhance care.

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Seamless implementation for enhanced patient assessment

In the closing days of March 2023, Clearway Pain Solutions embarked on its journey with OutcomeMD, implementing a phased approach that prioritized comprehensive training across its multiple centers. Capitalizing on OutcomeMD’s extensive assessments library, Clearway Pain Solutions swiftly discovered its desired pain and physical function assessments, simplifying the entire integration process. As part of its strategic plan, Clearway Pain Solutions administered these assessments exclusively to new patients, utilizing an automated follow-up schedule to send evaluations every 30 days for the subsequent three years.

In its quest to gain data-driven insights into patient outcomes, Clearway Pain Solutions decided to dispatch two assessments to each new patient. This essential task was fulfilled by the front desk personnel at each location, who sent these assessments on behalf of the providers.

This strategic approach streamlined the implementation process, ensuring a consistent and efficient patient assessment workflow across all Clearway Pain locations. Because patient data was seamlessly integrated from athenahealth into OutcomeMD, the Clearway Pain Solutions providers could now effortlessly review the assessment data in tandem with patient diagnoses, procedures, and medications.

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Data-driven enhancements in patient care and business growth

Elevate patient care: Transforming the patient experience through remote monitoring

Clearway Pain Solutions has been able to leverage OutcomeMD’s remote patient outcome tracking platform to improve patient care, and to spread the word about their incredible care. The platform objectively scores patients’ symptoms before doctors walk in the door, which not only saves time but also improves the quality of the decisions the provider is able to make. Doing so simultaneously accumulates critical data to understand what truly works and what does not.

The platform extends Clearway Pain Solutions’ understanding of its patients’ conditions beyond the confines of a single office visit, offering a more relaxed environment for patients to share their genuine responses and a complete picture of how their pain is impacting them. Ultimately, this leads to a holistic, precise, and comprehensive approach to care that was previously unattainable.

Unveiling data insights: A deeper dive into patient cohorts

With OutcomeMD’s healthcare data analytics platform, Clearway Pain Solutions gains the power to dissect data based on diverse parameters, ranging from assessments and providers to procedures and patient demographics. OutcomeMD generates symptom scores and structures data around confounding factors. This data can then be easily correlated with medications, procedures and diagnoses that are pulled in directly from athenahealth. Clearway Pain Solutions envisions harnessing OutcomeMD’s robust data analytics capabilities to pinpoint patients requiring immediate intervention. This not only promises increased business but also a tangible enhancement in patient outcomes.

Fueling business growth: improved patient experience for lasting loyalty

The patients of Clearway Pain Solutions enjoy and appreciate the ability to track how their symptom scores change over time relative to their various treatment and life events. Each survey is easy to take, as it is sent by text message and/or email without requiring app installation or login credentials. The knowledge that their input directly improves their care and betters their overall patient journey fosters a deep sense of engagement and trust. Patients often return for further care, knowing that Clearway Pain Solutions cares and is genuinely committed to their wellbeing.

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