Orthopedists partner up to avoid productivity, revenue loss during EHR transition

Marketplace case study

Metrics at a glance*

  • ~$120K

    annual savings

  • 75%

    fewer go-live issues reported to Command Center

  • 92

    providers did not experience typical volume & productivity loss



Fear of productivity and revenue loss during an EHR switch

EHR transitions can be a painful but necessary change for clinics. This decision impacts the entire organization from registration and billing to providers and their support staff. Clinics often delay EHR transitions, trying to avoid the revenue and productivity loss common during go-live weeks, as providers and staff slowly adjust to documenting encounters at lower patient volumes.



Providers can use iScribe’s mobile EHR app with athenaClinicals Integration for a seamless go-live

92 Florida Orthopedic Institute (FOI) providers trained and subsequently went live with iScribe’s services including AirMic, Mobile EHR Platform, and Virtual Scribe Services concurrently with the organization’s athenahealth go-live day.



Approximately $120,000 saved on costs

By FOI engaging in simultaneous go-lives with iScribe and athenahealth, 75% fewer support tickets were received from Command Center and iScribe providers did not suffer expected productivity losses. Providers who utilized iScribe had an improvement in encounter close rates and were able to continue documenting their patient encounters without significant volume reduction. In addition, FOI realized approximately $120,000 in annual savings by switching from transcription to iScribe’s Mobile Platform.

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* All metrics provided by iScribeHealth and FOI

Please note that as a member of the Marketplace Program, iScribeHealth, FOI, and athenahealth are parties to a financial arrangement.