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Greenhouse Mental Healthcare

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    82 licensed mental health providers

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    Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana

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    Serving 6 states and growing


  • Frustrating and time-consuming clinical documentation
  • Difficult to onboard new clinicians
  • Navigating complex payer requirements left revenue on the table
  • Limited visibility into business and clinical performance


  • athenaOne®


  • Reduced clinician documentation from 15 to 5 minutes per visit
  • Improved clinician satisfaction and efficiency
  • Easy to add new clinicians, services, and locations
  • Reduced DAR and improved revenue
  • Real-time insight into performance guide business expansion

Greenhouse Mental Health has experienced substantial growth in recent years because of its unique model of care. The organization offers mental and behavioral healthcare services for senior citizens in long-term care, skilled nursing, assisted living, independent living, and rehabilitation facilities. Headquartered in Indianapolis, they partner with facilities throughout Indiana and in five other states. With athenaOne, a cloud-based suite of EHR, revenue cycle management, and patient engagement services, they have increased revenue and can add new clinicians and services with ease.

Clinicians were unhappy with their previous EHR because it was cumbersome and often erased notes in progress. It was difficult to track complex payer eligibility requirements, and leadership had limited visibility into performance. According to Tabby Huddleston, chief operating officer and clinical director, switching to athenaOne has resulted in big gains. “Our providers appreciate how easy the onboarding experience was,” she said. “Now every single clinician says that athenaOne’s functionality is the bee’s knees. They love it. They think it’s a super-efficient use of their time.”

Before athenahealth, it took providers up to 15 minutes to document each encounter. With athenaClinicals, athenahealth’s cloud-based, mobile-friendly EHR, providers finish documentation in about five minutes per patient. Huddleston attributes this proficiency to accelerators in the workflow. “The customizable templates help us record each visit efficiently,” she said. What isn’t available as a template, Greenhouse has built using macros. “Historically, our providers haven’t had this kind of structure and convenience in the EHR,” Huddleston said. “More clinicians complete charting by the end of the patient visit, and their satisfaction has improved.”

Greenhouse has also made noteworthy strides on the revenue side. “Our population has complex insurance coverage that is hard to verify,” said Huddleston. “athenahealth does an exceptional job streamlining the eligibility and billing processes so we can maximize what we’re getting paid.” Metrics like days in accounts receivable (DAR) have substantially improved and Huddleston has a “much better handle” on their financials.

In particular, she appreciates athenahealth’s robust reporting capabilities. The executive team can drill into performance by location, service line, and provider to see how business is doing in real time. This helps Huddleston and her team focus the efforts of the administrative staff and predict capacity for staffing and appointments. Leadership relies on this kind of insight to inform their continued expansion.

When Greenhouse launched telehealth appointments during the pandemic, athenaOne provided a stable platform so patient care could continue without interruption. Looking ahead, Greenhouse plans to expand service lines in medication management and neuropsychological testing. “As we continue to grow, athenahealth simplifies the process of adding new service lines and clinicians,” said Huddleston. “And we can always be confident in the quality of care we are providing.”

Every single clinician says that athenahealth’s functionality is the bee’s knees. They love it. They think it’s a super-efficient use of their time.

— Tabby Huddleston, COO and Clinical Director of Greenhouse Mental Healthcare