The athenaOne® app

Get meaningful clinical work done anywhere, anytime.

Perform, catch up on, or get ahead of clinical work whenever it’s convenient for you with this powerful mobile extension of our EHR.

Take your workflows, leave the computer

Being tied to a computer to perform documentation work can detract from the patient experience and limit overall productivity. Our app allows you to use the same personalized clinical workflows and accelerators from our EHR on your mobile device, with all work seamlessly syncing with your computer.

Pre-encounter prep

Make it easier to document encounters on your mobile device by adding the same templates, screeners, and planning orders you already use in our EHR.

Documentation accelerators

Use all the templates, macros, and order sets you’ve already set up within our EHR to document patient encounters as you typically would.

Personalized workflows

Eliminate unnecessary info, and document encounters your way with an intelligent, personalized workflow experience.

Clinical tools as mobile as you are

Having access to the right tools is essential to performing clinical work on the go. Our app provides support to accomplish many of the same tasks you perform in our EHR, and updates clinical data in real-time.

Patient homepage

Find patient records easily and take action, including placing orders, finding insurance IDs, navigating to encounters, and contacting patients.

Fully integrated with our EHR

Seamless, real-time syncing with our EHR allows you to work solely on the app or to use it in tandem with your computer to work more efficiently.

Telehealth functionality

Conduct telehealth video visits with up to four participants simultaneously with built-in telehealth functionality.

Mirrors EHR functionality

Accomplish many of the same tasks you would within our EHR solution including documenting encounters, reviewing labs, submitting orders, and more.

The information you need, when you need it

Finding key clinical information can often take more time and energy than it should. The athenaOne app puts your inbox, schedule, and patient health data just a few clicks away.

Access info outside the app

View your schedule and clinical inbox without even opening the athenaOne app through the available iOS home screen widgets.

Get there in one click

Quickly access your schedule, prepped patients, or clinical inbox with one tap from the athenaOne app homepage.

Shorter paths for routine tasks

The athenaOne app reduces the number of steps necessary to find patient information and accomplish everyday tasks, including placing orders and navigating encounters.

Laptop and mobile phone with athenahealth electronic health record

Additional hands-free support

Accurately document patient encounters in real-time and accomplish other clinical work hands-free with athenaOne Dictation and athenaOne Voice Assistant Powered by Nuance®. These fully integrated, voice-guided medical products can help reduce documentation time, retrieve clinical information, and support you in completing other meaningful tasks.


2021 Gold Stevie Award winner for Integrated Mobile Experience

We’re incredibly proud that the athenaOne app was recognized by the Stevie Awards for providing our customers with the best Integrated Mobile Experience.

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See the athenaOne app in action

Get an inside look at how this secure, fully integrated, mobile extension of our EHR can help physicians get meaningful clinical work done in the office or on the go.

athenaOne mobile helps me be in the moment with the patient…We’re working together to come up with a plan that works for them right there in the moment.


Dr. Angela Ammon, MD, Eagle Valley Family Practice