Financial benefits of electronic health records

EHR Benefits

For the business side of a practice, the benefits of electronic health records (EHRs) are highly valuable in an era of diminishing profits and increased challenges. Any tools that can help make a practice more competitive must be taken seriously, especially when those tools also provide significant clinical advantages.

Some of the business benefits of electronic health records:

  • Greater staff and provider efficiency due to the ease of recording, storing, managing, and retrieving patient information
  • A more efficient, cost-effective workflow, including smooth transitions from staff to provider
  • Cues in the EHR software that ensure essential information is recorded and fewer mistakes are made
  • Recording and tracking of quality measures, enabling improved physician productivity and success with incentive programs
  • Insight into referral sources and patterns

As an increasing number of practices struggle to maintain profitability, the benefits of electronic health records can contribute to greater efficiencies and cost savings, leading to a thriving, more stable bottom line.

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