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athenahealth helps Dr. Tidwell and Associates in Obstetrics and Gynecology (AOG) see more patients and be more efficient while still staying on schedule and proving excellent, personal care. These OB/GYN providers also have anytime, anywhere mobile access to critical data needed to deliver high quality care in multiple settings. The practice has seen a 12% increase in net collections and DAR has dropped from 200 to 25, which is helping it to remain independent.


You got a full name for your baby yet?



I love delivering babies, and I love taking care of people and helping them through some of their most exciting times.

And head down, just like we wanted him to be.

It's that bond that we build in obstetrics and gynecology, to me, that sets us apart from other practices.

So this is Bradley's little heart, and ribs, and lungs.

Good deal.

You can go put that on your refrigerator.


Good morning, AOG. How can I help you?

As an OB/GYN, my biggest challenge getting through the day just make everybody happy. That means not making people wait. And Athena has allowed me to speed my office up dramatically. Since we have hired Athena, we really got a lot of benefit out of it, almost immediately.

Our net collection rate last year compared to the year before went up 12%. Our days in accounts receivable went from more than 200 on average, to less than 25. And the number of patients that I see went from 25 a day, now to 35 a day. That allows us to stay independent, because as we grow, we don't need to rely on other sources of income or other sources of stability.

The thing that I love about my job is the communication between myself and my patients.

Or you can use your patient portal. Do you know how to use that?

The more we communicate with them, the more trust they have with them, which increases our stability for them to stay with us, them to send their parents to us, or send their friend to us. And that allows us to grow.

You ready to have this baby?

I'm ready, at least.

In my practice, myself, I know for a fact that 96 to 97% of my patients have signed up for the portals. The patients love it. New moms love it. It provides them access to a physician, access to a nurse, or access to the billing department, or the employment department at the touch of a button.

Dr. Tidwell, [? Corrina ?] Sandoval called. She's having some pains, some cramping, and she wants to know what to do.

All right, well, let's pull her up here.

And it gives me the ability to find out things that are wrong with them, outside of hours, as well as during hours.

She's O positive, so that's good.

It lets me know if a patient needs to be seen immediately. And it gives me more control over my practice. Being an OB/GYN in a practice that's as busy as ours, you have to have information at your fingertips. We can get information at the hospital. We can get their medical records immediately. We don't have to wait until somebody to bring them down from the office.

All the prenatal labs that are very important from an obstetrical and gynecology standpoint, they're all on the Athena Pathway. Timing is everything in obstetrics and gynecology. In an emergent situation, I can find a patient's information within less than 30 seconds-- as long as it takes me to put my username and password in. And I'm right there. I have all the information.

I would recommend Athena to any physician, regardless of specialty, but especially obstetrics and gynecology. They give us information at our fingertips, regardless of where we are. It's amazing what Athena has done with our practice.

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