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See how Family Van, a mobile clinic, provides preventative health services and outreach to Boston's under-served neighborhoods.


Hi. I'm Jamie Mercurio from athenaGives, a branch of the Corporate Citizenship program at Athena Health. I want to show the story of one of our grant recipients who aligns perfectly with our program's vision of connecting individuals to quality care. 

The Family Van is a mobile clinic that provides preventative health services and outreach to Boston's under-served neighborhoods. We're really impressed by the Family Van's great work demonstrating measurable outcomes and connecting residents to quality care. 


You need to sit right there. My name is Rainelle Walker-White. I am the manager of direct service for the Family Van, a mobile health unit out of Harvard Medical School. 

We provide services like diabetes screenings, we do cholesterol screenings, we do vision screenings, nutritional counseling, HIV testing, pregnancy. 

12 over 70. That's a very nice blood pressure. 

Just trying to make the community a little bit healthier than they are. 

OK. So it's going to be a little prick. And you know what, you're going to get your results right away. 

So about seven years ago, we started collecting data on just the results of our health outcomes. Who we see and what we do, so we know if we're making a difference in these neighborhoods. 

Does anybody in the family have diabetes? 

And using data, we've been able to create a return on investment algorithm that shows that for every dollar you invest in the Family Van, you save $26. 

One of the key strategies is to bring care to people where they work, live, and play. So we're here in Codman Square today, just in a neighborhood where people are walking around doing their errands. 

When's the last time you've been tested? 

No, I know my status. 

You know your status. OK. All right. 

We really believe that when you're providing prevention, wellness, and education, that doesn't necessarily need to be in a clinical setting. 

If you need help or assistance, don't be afraid to ask. All right? 

All right. 

Our specific role is identifying high risk individuals for the testing. We come out here, and we partner with the family van and educate the population on HIV awareness and prevention. 

We're here ever Thursday. 

What I love about Athena Health's contribution is it's general operating support, which means you trust us to make the decision to spend it where we need it. And those contributions are like gold. 

Thank you so much, Victor. It was so nice to meet you. 

Nice to meet you too. 

Have a great day. 

You too. 

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