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Our guarantee

At athenahealth, we don't want code compliance taking your focus away from patient care. That's why we offer the ICD-10 Guarantee, unparalleled in the industry.

The ICD-10 guarantee*

athenahealth will meet quality parameters for ICD-10 readiness or you don't pay for our services:

  • We will be able to send out both paper and electronic ICD-10 compliant claims to all HIPAA-covered entities.
  • We will incorporate ICD-10 Medicare medical necessity checks into our patented Billing Rules Engine, as CMS makes them available.
  • You will be able to move from SNOMED to ICD-10 diagnosis codes directly within the athenaClinicals® EHR, to send orders and create claims.
  • If your practice sees a significant cash flow disruption due to the transition, you may be eligible for a cash advance from us against your outstanding claims.

To be eligible, a practice must meet certain thresholds including an overall days in accounts receivable (DAR) of 60+ days, and make reasonable efforts toward getting paid for those claims. (See complete details.)

Why an ICD-10 Guarantee? It's our way to reinforce that we, unlike traditional vendors, are at risk for your results. And with our proven, cloud-based services, we want to enthusiastically ensure you'll thrive through change.

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