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Clinical Ode to Summer

by Anne Meneghetti, MD, Executive Director of Medical Information, Epocrates

Anne Meneghetti, MD, Director of Clinical Communications, Epocrates, an athenahealth companyIt's time to dust off CDC's Yellow Book travel medicine tome from its virtual shelf;
As it seems patients never take a vacation from disease itself:

Malaria, Chagas, Dengue, Cholera, or perhaps Yellow fever,
Or even a simple case of Traveler's Diarrhea,

Can Plague summer travelers in Asia, Africa, or even a European pizzeria;
And Travel immunizations are not always a complete panacea.

If your older patient headed to Burkino Faso presents just a few days in advance,
Accelerated HAV schedules and immune globulin may be her best chance.

And those patients vacationing right here, state-side,
May find themselves in as much trouble as those who travel world-wide:

West Nile and Lyme, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Coccidioidomycosis;
Hepatitis A happens anywhere, so make Evaluation of LFTs a prime focus.

Be prepared for Altitude illness, Poison oak, and Insect bites from fire ants,
Roller coaster Motion sickness prevention, and Jet lag from France.

Summer temperatures will soon have E. coli sprouting;
Food poisoning can spoil most any summer outing.

Deconditioned people suffer activity-related Musculoskeletal sprain and strain,
Have guidance on hand for Concussion, Sunburn, Heatstroke, and Eval of knee pain.
Note that in half of boating and Water accidents, alcohol is partly to blame.

Firework injuries are much more likely to occur in youth and men,
Snake bites have been associated with males and EtOH, time and again.

Whatever your patients may get into this summer season,
Epocrates supports your good judgment, common sense, and reason.

Have a great summer!

Learn more about these conditions in the Epocrates disease reference.

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