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Start Getting Smart About ICD-10

by Jennifer Bale, Senior Associate, Product Marketing

At athenahealth, we like to talk about being disruptive but we’re not referring to just any kind of disruption. It has to be innovative, breaking up the status quo to drive the kind of advancements and efficiencies that will improve health care. We even have an entire program called More Disruption Please to cultivate the best new ideas in health information technology. But please don’t confuse our particular brand of disruption with the kind that’s expected to rain down on physicians and medical groups from the ICD-10 changeover. That’s a massive, mandated transition that we’re already in the process of preparing for—and you should be, too.

We’re developing the best ways to make the whole process as seamless and painless as possible for our network of more than 38,000 care givers. Payers it seems, have it figured out. According to a recent piece in Government Health IT, payers consider the upcoming changeover to be a mere speed bump.

Not so for medical practices.  

The American Medical Association has resisted the change. An October 1, 2012 editorial bemoans the onslaught of change faced by physicians today, from having to demonstrate meaningful use of an electronic health record to the ICD-10 changeover. In the piece, there was this nugget: “As a Texas Medical Assn. official noted, the number of potential codes for a fractured kneecap are increasing from two to 480.”

That said, we are working hard to ease the transition to ICD-10 for the care givers on our network, just like we did for the ANSI 5010 change. Thanks to our cloud-based model, we don’t charge extra for software updates, though there is a bit of preparation and work required on the part of medical practices. We'll help with that. This previous ICD-10 blog post provides a good rundown of what we’ve got in the works.

We will share more in the coming year. In the meantime, you can learn more about ICD-10 by taking in our free on-demand webinar.

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