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Meaningful Use Dashboard Update: What a Difference a Cloud Makes

by athenahealth Blogmaster,

If you talk to the pizza shop owner down on the corner—the successful one, that is —he won’t be standing there dusted in flour like he might have been years ago. No, he’s run the place well enough that it sorta hums along. He stops by every now and then when he’s not polishing his boat. And if he still makes pies, it's because he wants to.

The athenahealth experience with Meaningful Use has not been totally dissimilar. We just heard from a client the other day who successfully attested to the measures in October. During a recent conference call, one of his colleagues who’d bought another EMR groaned into the phone about Meaningful Use. Our client’s response: “Really? It was easy.”  

In addition to keeping flour off our doctors in every way we can, we’ve been pumping out our performance tallies for all to see since September. There will be only one more installment before 2012 and we’ll save any conclusions for that last dashboard update.

In the meantime, the needle keeps moving and our clients keep improving. You may remember Dr. Reavis T. Eubanks of Asheville, N.C. He emailed a while back to say he’d received his Meaningful Use incentive check for $18,000. Along the way he made the most of our MU client support program, did his part and got paid. We couldn’t be happier for him.

Here's how the rest of the athenahealth field has fared on the Meaningful Use Dashboard as of Dec. 3, 2011:

  • 66.2% of Medicare MU providers have attested, a 4 point increase in two weeks
  • 25% of Medicare MU providers have satisfied all but 2 core measures, a 3 point decrease in two weeks (which is a good thing)
  • 92.2% of Medicare MU providers have satisfied the Clinical Summary measure, a 1.7 point increase in two weeks
  • 96.6% of Medicare MU providers have satisfied 5 of 10 menu measures, an 8.7 point increase in two weeks that's notable because menu measure performance has been pretty flat

This does not just happen. We have a pending whitepaper and a webinar scheduled for early 2012 that will explain and explore the benefits of cloud-based services for medical groups and how there's no way we could see any of this if we just sold software. We provide a service and that’s the difference between Dr. Eubanks and the pizza shop owner who still has to strap on an apron.  

Here are some fun and helpful videos featuring Paul Hochman, technology editor of NBC’s Today Show, that explain just how our cloud-based service model works:

Stay tuned two weeks from now when we wrap up the dashboard for 2011!

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