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Meaningful Use Dashboard Update: It Takes Teamwork

by athenahealth Blogmaster,

People who cannot function on a team simply do not survive at athenahealth. The nature of our services require people—not just technology—to function together at a high level.

Even people who didn’t play (or get picked very often for) team sports in school will find themselves assigned to an athenahealth team that meets in huddles and scrums and, well, relies on one another to do plenty: complete projects, protect data, launch enhancements, produce marketing material, whatever.

Outside work, athenahealth has a ski team, a running club, a bunch of developers who meet to work out regularly and a battalion of athenistas who launched a foray up north for last summer’s bicycle-borne Trek Across Maine. And it may be an undergrad relic, but an MIT Ballroom Dance Team jacket has been spotted in the hallways here.

So what’s all this about teams? Ever since early September, when we began publishing our Meaningful Use (MU) data, we’ve been talking about how it takes teamwork on our part to support the Meaningful Use program. For example, in late September, we wrote about the MUES team, our folks who take on attestation for our clients. There are eight athenistas on the MUES Team and, by the latest count, they’ve helped more than a few hundred of our eligible providers attest to the measures. How’s that for teamwork?

You can check out the newest Meaningful Use dashboard data here but for a quick rundown:

  • 62% of our Medicare MU providers have attested, up from 58% in the last iteration
  • 28% of our Medicare MU providers are within two core measures of attesting
  • Over 90% of our Medicare MU providers have met the previously troublesome Clinical Summary measure

Now, let’s get back to teamwork. It’s not just athenistas who need to work together to achieve Meaningful Use. Our client practices are good at it, too.

Here’s a perfect example: The eligible providers at Mount Auburn Professional Services (MAPS) Obstetrics and Gynecology, right up the road here at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, were able to implement the athenahealth EMR, attest to Meaningful Use and get their first incentive checks over the course of just eight months this past year.

We could tell you all about it, but why not just watch the video and let them share the story?

Mt. Auburn video

Stay tuned for the next Meaningful Use Dashboard update in two weeks…

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