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Meaningful Use Dashboard Update: The Hard Work is Paying Off

by Todd Rothenhaus, MD, Chief Medical Officer

Todd Rothenhaus, MD, CMIOIt’s been a couple of weeks, so we are back again with a Meaningful Use Dashboard update. Last time around we told you about the MUES Team of eight athenistas that takes on the attestation process for physicians, a sort of last pass of the baton before crossing the finish line. Before that, we shared a post about how we overcame problems like the clinical summaries. And before that, on Sept. 8, is of course when we launched the data (that is, opened the kimono) with a post from CEO Jonathan Bush. What’s happened since our last update?

 Here are the details as of this week:

  • 39% of our Medicare MU providers have attested, an 11 point increase in two weeks.
  • 77.3% of our Medicare MU providers are satisfying the clinical summary measure, a 12.1 point increase in two weeks.
  • 49% of our Medicare MU providers are within two measures of attesting.
  • 83.5% of our Medicare MU providers are satisfying their menu measures. That is a 7.8 point increase in two weeks – this measure’s performance was hovering at 74 to 75% for about a month.

 There are a handful of drivers behind our performance:

  • As of Sept. 30, we have tested connections with all state immunization registries where we have clients participating in our Medicare MU program. 
  • As discussed in previous posts, we made changes to the clinical summary workflow in July and August and we think the new data show that our adjustments are really starting to pay off.
  • Our account managers are working extra hard with clients as they get close to the finish line, providing tactics and insight to help them overcome their final hurdles.

Over the past months we’ve been telling the story of just how we support our clients on the path to Meaningful Use. It’s been a long, deliberate process and based on these numbers, it’s working just as we hoped. For a better idea of what’s been happening behind the scenes here, we made this video of what we call in shorthand, “The MU War Room.” 

MU War Room

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