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by athenahealth Blogmaster,

  • If you haven’t seen it already, you really should check out and play around with our new Revenue Calculator. This is a really helpful and engaging tool for figuring out how to optimize both revenue and savings in your practice. We developed it to help explain our cloud-based medical billingEHR and patient communication services model and how it delivers ROI to our clients.
  • Several blogs this past week made note of the one year anniversary of the passage of health care reform, more formally known as the Affordable Care Act. From Physicians Practice, to NPR, to the Wall Street Journal, perceptions of the ACA and health care in general run the gamut but confusion and skepticism remain the overriding themes. (And while it doesn’t specifically address the ACA, this piece in The Health Care Blog does a good job of dissecting health care in America.) Mix in the debate over EHRs and Meaningful Use and it’s a potent stew. What do you think of health care reform a year later? Send in a comment to the blog and let’s get a discussion going.
  • Speaking of the ACA, Paul Krugman, columnist for the New York Times, has this reaction to recent criticism of the reforms. The original piece tells the story of a journey through the health care system. One of our bloggers, Dr. Allen Gee, a Wyoming-based neurologist, shared his tale of trying to get his daughter into surgery and ended up getting quite a few comments from readers and colleagues who empathized. The Krugman piece ends up making a point about Americans’ inclination to go overseas in a revealing map (and one that begs for a red/blue overlay!)
  • athenahealth has made it a priority to tackle Meaningful Use on behalf of our clients. We’ve set up a specific client website laden with resources, we’re running a pilot program to learn from doing, we coach clients for free, and we’re on top of every nuance and change as MU evolves. In that light, we’re always curious about what other vendors are up to. Some good reading here, especially when you scroll down to the post about a 241-page EHR Meaningful Use User Manual with some surprises on p. 45…
  • In case you follow us on Twitter, you might recognize some names on this list of doctors who blog. It’s a good time for this collection of MD bloggers because there are mixed feelings out there among doctors about the use of social media, even if society has fully embraced it.
  • As we move closer and closer to being a paperless society there’s a decent chance you have not been to a post office recently. In which case you may have forgotten that the FBI still has a Top Ten Most Wanted list. You may recognize a few faces there, unfortunately. It turns out that the Department of Health and Human Services has a list of its own. HHS has 170 health care fraud fugitives on their radar, but these are the top 10 most wanted. Know ‘em?
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