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Health IT in the News

by athenahealth Blogmaster,

  • In mid-February, we brought you a Meaningful Use Mishap that told the sorry tale of a legacy software vendor that shall go unnamed (but can be easily identified)—that was said to be charging clients for enhancements to meet MU. We haven’t hit on a such good piece of MU wreckage yet this week, so if you’ve got one, toss it over the transom and into the blog comments section. In the meantime, although it’s not technically a mishap, this piece from Physicians Practice conveys the trepidation out there about achieving Meaningful Use of an EHR and the desire for a little breathing room now in Stage 1, before moving on to Stage 2. As one AMA official puts it, “Unrealistic Stage 2 requirements will overly burden physicians and hamper adoption, especially for those physicians in small or solo practice.”
  • Both the Boston Globe and The New York Times delivered very readable pieces on health care information technology this week. Comparing it to the dissonance between Macs and PCs, the Globe editorial called for “interoperability” of electronic medical records so doctors and hospitals can easily share important patient information. We think we may have heard someone around here talk about a mission to build the “national health information backbone.”  And in the Sunday business section of the Times, reporter Steve Lohr painted a clear picture of “Carrots, Sticks and Digital Health Records,” and likewise notes the importance of health information exchange.
  • If KLAS decided to announce “Best in KLAS: Pages from the Scranton-area phonebook,” the Health IT community would still pay attention. So when they announced the proportion of ambulatory practices switching EHRs, the natural question was, “Are we in there, and on what end of the switch?” For those contemplating such a replacement and overhaul, check out our whitepaper on what you need to know before yanking the ripcord.
  • With recaps and coverage still making the rounds a week later, maybe we can make Matthew Holt’s dispatch the last mention of HIMSS11. (Among other accounts, there was even this compilation.) In there with highlights about health information exchange, the cloud and VIPs, Holt wrote, “Sure, nobody has yet come up with the world changing, completely disruptive, industry transforming Facebook for doctors that some pundits had predicted, but there are signs we’re getting closer.” Here’s a sign we’re getting closer.
  • Finally, Becker’s Hospital Review shared this piece by a hospital CEO on how to get doctors onboard with EHRs. We shared a similar account a few months ago from Ryan Champlin, VP for Operations at Cook Children’s Health Care in Texas. Both urge being clear from the start and getting doctors involved from the beginning.
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