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Meaningful Use

Specialists, this One’s For You: Preventive Care Reminders Broken Down by 8 Specialties

Allison LaValley, Director of Clinical IntelligenceAfter my blog post in September, “Putting Six Months of Meaningful Use Stage 2 Data to Use,” I heard from providers asking show their particular specialty can meet the Preventive Care Reminders measure of Meaningful Use Stage 2. For primary care providers, meeting this measure seems like a slam dunk. There are endless opportunities to send patients a care-related reminder, from evidence-based preventive health clinical care guidelines — such as vaccines and annual wellness visits — to an array of general health and wellness activities, like those related to nutrition and fitness.

But for specialists, meeting this … Read more

Disruptive Technology

Help Solve Health Care’s Biggest Problems by Hacking Medicine

If you didn’t know what a health care hackathon was a few years back, chances are you do now. The number of health care hackathons — events in which great minds help solve health care’s biggest problems — is growing rapidly, from just three in 2010 to 59 in 2014. With that rapid growth, the media is taking notice, with recent coverage in the Wall Street Journal and The New Yorker.

This speedy increase in health care hackathons — bringing together stakeholders from engineering, design, medicine, science, business and entrepreneurship — could very well be the result of the … Read more

All Things EMR | Cloud Services

Ebola and the Information Flow Challenge

The Ebola crisis in Texas has tested our nation’s health care system in many ways, exposing weaknesses and potential breakdowns. In particular, the incident with the first diagnosed Ebola patient at Texas Health Presbyterian underscores a fundamental issue with information liquidity between providers, their care teams, and across the continuum of care. The ability to share information effectively is critical not just in responding to health care crises like Ebola — but also in delivering great, cost-effective care.

As athenahealth CEO Jonathan Bush said in an interview with CNBC earlier this month: “The worst supply chain in our society is Read more

Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement: Going Beyond the Patient Portal

More than ever, market forces are influencing provider behaviors in how they practice medicine. Helping providers preserve the sanctity of their interactions with patients at the moment of care now takes on a new dimension — moving that connection to patients beyond the exam room, and beyond the four walls of any practice. This concept of patient engagement is an integral part of health care delivery today, whether you’re a solo practitioner, a multi-state health system, or anything in between. Achieving true patient engagement is more than simply adopting a patient portal — it takes the right combination of technology, … Read more

All Things EMR

Five Ways to Improve Productivity with an EMR

Brian Anderson, MD, Senior Manager, Clinical ContentOne of the major reasons that health care providers resist implementing an electronic medical record (EMR) system is the belief that using it will decrease provider productivity, reducing the number of patients they can see and therefore reducing practice revenue. However, an EMR that is designed around a streamlined workflow can enable providers to work faster and more efficiently. Having an EHR and vendor that can give you ongoing visibility and insight into efficiency and productivity is essential to improving performance. For example, we’ve found that providers who utilize our recommended workflows, customized by specialty, complete with care … Read more

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