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All Things EMR

Five Ways to Improve Productivity with an EMR

Brian Anderson, MD, Senior Manager, Clinical ContentOne of the major reasons that health care providers resist implementing an electronic medical record (EMR) system is the belief that using it will decrease provider productivity, reducing the number of patients they can see and therefore reducing practice revenue. However, an EMR that is designed around a streamlined workflow can enable providers to work faster and more efficiently. Having an EHR and vendor that can give you ongoing visibility and insight into efficiency and productivity is essential to improving performance. For example, we’ve found that providers who utilize our recommended workflows, customized by specialty, complete with care … Read more

Care Coordination

FQHC Success Vital to Health of Underserved Communities

As safety net providers, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) fill a huge void in American health care. They are at the front-lines serving the most vulnerable and delivering care of equal or better quality as the most lavishly funded medical groups. Growing inequality, reduced social mobility, and the thinning of the middle class means that the provision of health care to underserved communities has never been more important.

I feel a deep affinity with FQHCs and share their sense of mission. I spent 12 years as an emergency physician at Boston City Hospital, seeing patients referred from Boston’s numerous community … Read more

All Things EMR | Health Information Exchange

Health Care Interoperability 101

John Voith, Director of Transaction ServicesWhenever we talk about health care interoperability with other interoperability “experts,” hundreds (maybe thousands) of acronyms — ANSI, ERA, PIX, VPN, FHIR, HL7, XDS.b — start flying around. These are technical standards that were created to make information exchange easier for health IT developers, payers, providers, and patients — but this is not where an interoperability conversation should begin. Talking about specific exchange standards is overwhelming, and five steps ahead of where we should start. So I’ll begin here by answering the most basic question: What does interoperability really mean?

But even that’s not an easy question to answer. In … Read more

Analytics & Research

The Future of Disease Surveillance with EHR Data

Iyue Sung, Director of Core AnalyticsEvery year around this time, we anticipate news coverage on the flu season, the time when influenza is at its most prevalent in the U.S., and something we’ve tracked in past years. But this year has been quite different: First, a broad and severe outbreak of enterovirus has changed the conversation about infectious disease, the virus leading to high rates of hospitalizations since it first surfaced in the Midwest in August; second, the first confirmed case of Ebola in the U.S. was reported last week in Dallas.

With these developments, coordinated and accessible data is now more vital than … Read more

Disruptive Technology

MDP Conference: Selling and Fundraising in a Screwed Up Industry

This week we held the 4th annual More Disruption Please (MDP) conference, an event where health IT entrepreneurs come together from across the country, with a strong focus on promoting partnership, openness and, of course, disruptive innovation in the health care space. We created this year’s conference based on feedback from the 70 health IT entrepreneurs from the 2013 MDP conference, who wanted to know about two things: selling and fundraising. Our keynote addresses, athenahealth CEO Jonathan Bush, and Rock Health Managing Director Malay Gandhi, spoke to both.

The day began with Jonathan as Blake, Alec Baldwin character from Glengarry … Read more

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