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Reimagined EHR knowledge hub

Realize the benefits of a reimagined EHR and how it can help you improve efficiency and care.

Reimagine the Benefits of Electronic Health Records

It’s time to enjoy the benefits of electronic health records (EHR). Imagine working with an EHR that is appealing to the eye and easy to use. One that's designed to improve financial performance in the new value-based environment, and free up physicians to focus on patient care. These are the benefits of electronic health records, but reimagined around the needs of physicians. Here’s how a reimagined EHR translates into practice:

Focus on the patient-provider relationship. With less of a documentation burden, and less attention needed for data entry, providers are free to focus on patient care. Fewer clicks and less scrolling mean more eye contact in the exam room.

Improved efficiency. When the right person is doing the right work, practices avoid duplicate effort and administrative waste, and can reap bottom-line benefits. Physicians order the right tests and do the work they were meant to do, while other clinicians and staff handle tasks that are appropriately delegated.

An EHR that works for value-based care. Quality and cost reporting requirements can be met with minimal effort, helping to keep practices thriving in a value-based environment. Providers can stay in the moment of care without having to search and scroll to locate measures. And when a service layer is applied, vendor teams handle most quality program enrollments, develop pre-set population health campaigns, generate reports and submit program data electronically on clients’ behalf.

Happier providers. And patients. When providers can focus on their clinical work without administrative or documentation distraction—when doctors can be doctors—patients get the attention and care they deserve. Everyone is happier. And that’s a key part of the benefits of electronic health records.

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