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Hudson Headwaters, located in Queensbury, provides primary care for over half of the residents in six New York counties.  Hudson Headwaters needed to adopt an electronic health record (EHR) service to become a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH).  They knew they needed services that allowed their physicians to focus on patients, and also encourage patients to become active participants in their health care.  Hudson Headwaters chose athenahealth’s cloud-based services and is now a successful PCMH organization.


[MUSIC PLAYING] Hudson Headwaters is a multi-site federally qualified health center in upstate New York. We have 13 locations. We take care of a little bit over 50,000 patients. Our goal is to take care of all these people, regardless of their source of payment, and to provide the best possible care for all of them. It's difficult, because geographically we have centers that are far apart, as far as 80 miles one from the other.

For us, what that translates to is 85% of the little towns, in which we're the caregiver. This includes people on welfare, people who can't find employment, the school teachers, and school principal.

Four or five years ago, Hudson Headwaters found itself at the brink of bankruptcy. We had almost no cash on hand, and we are in grave danger of not being able to meet payroll.

Good morning, Kathy. How are you doing?

And so we turned to Athena.

It truly had been our partner. And we really feel kind of blessed, I mean, to know that they're there working alongside us.

She could be that person that we want in that role.

Since adopting Athena, we've had dramatic improvements in our financial situation. Our days in AR, before Athena, were between 80 and 90. And now, we're down to around 40.

We have double digit growth, by every measure-- number of patients, number of encounters, even number of health center sites.

Hi, Brian. I'm Dr. Sawyer.

How you doing?

Not bad.

Good to see you.

You, too.

Athena worked rapidly with Hudson Headwaters to develop the rules necessary for a federally qualified health center to be able to get its additional payments, its wraparounds, that would allow us to stay in business.

And you haven't been sick with anything recently?


OK, good.

FQHCs find themselves in dual roles in this day in age. Not only are we being asked to provide quality care for our patients, regardless of their ability to pay, but we also have to meet tremendous data requirements for the government.

We need to collect data on not only the kind of care that we provide, but we need to collect data on quality metrics. For instance, things like mammograms done on women, pap smears done on women, immunization rates for children. Athena has made that much simpler. So we're now able to collect that information electronically.

We can get patient level detail. We can even drill into the data to see is it a specific doctor that is having an issue? Is it a specific health center that's having an issue? And we can put our interventions in place, to really address the true problem.

Hi, Kat.

Hi, Dr. Sawyer.

How are you doing today?

With the new changes in health care legislation, we'll have to be prepared for a whole new group of patients, who suddenly have insurance and are going to be looking for care. Athena is in a perfect position to be able to help with that. Their experience is broad and they've worked with FQHCs for not only the Medicare and Medicaid portions, but for privately insured patients as well.

Openings on Thursday.

It's the people and the vision that Athena has that sets them apart, and is why I would recommend them as an EMR provider of choice to any federally qualified health center.

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