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Expert practice management, so you can focus on care

Real insight into medical practice management performance


Medical office managers take on any number of issues, including administrative, legal, financial or even technological —  and sometimes all of these in the same day. But the workload is often more than any one person can keep up with. That’s why we take on your most tedious practice management work, provide free coaching, and keep you on top of industry change. 

Our nimble, cloud-based platform delivers unparalleled visibility into every practice on our network — impossible with closed, inflexible, medical practice management software. We understand each practice’s performance, and can track progress, drive improvements and optimize results.

A complete view into daily staff responsibilities: Each staff member’s most pressing “to dos” are clearly displayed in the athenahealth dashboard, and tasks are delegated through the workflow. Tedious administrative and medical billing work is handed off to our expert teams.

  • Custom benchmarking: We establish benchmarks for your practice based on the performance of other athenahealth practices of your size, specialty or geographic region.  
  • Applied network learning: By monitoring our network of more than 114,000 providers, we know what helps a practice thrive, and can implement those tactics at your organization.
  • Proactive reviews and coaching: athenahealth Account Managers use specific medical practice management metrics to track your success, and analyze trends in your practice to pinpoint ways to increase collections, improve office efficiency, and more. 

Visibility into our entire network

Because we can track the performance of practices throughout our network, we have the unique ability to share their best practices for practice management. This transparency also provides real-time insight into your own performance, so you can track your progress and quickly make improvements.

Practice management services that align with your success

Getting providers paid isn’t just part of our mission, it’s central to our business. Rather than charge a substantial monthly or software fee, we directly invest in your success by charging a small percentage of collections. 

Our cloud-based practice management service has your financial well-being in mind from the get-go.

  • Low up-front costs: you never pay for software licenses, installations or upgrades.
  • There are no fees, and no disruptive upgrades.
  • Updates to our workflow are made for free, in advance of industry change like the ICD-10 transition, without the need for costly add-on modules. 

Intelligent, streamlined practice management services

A smart, streamlined workflow is essential for any medical practice. athenaCollector® delivers a proven, 5-stage workflow for staff to swiftly move through patient visits, with efficiencies from check-in through check-out. When administrative work flows smoothly, providers can focus on the patient in front of them.

athenaCollector surfaces relevant patient information when it’s needed most during each visit, including demographics, insurance details, patient payments and more. Information is collected up front in the practice management workflow, so claims go out as cleanly as possible, and it takes less time to charge billing slip information.


Medical Billing & Practice Management
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See how athenaCollector reduces administrative and medical billing work, helping you to earn more, faster.


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Uncover the power of the athenahealth network and see how we're able to drive financial and performance results for our clients

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Optimizes clinical and financial performance
Large medical group strengthens financials, becomes more productive, and adds locations and providers.