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Medical billing services

Medical billing services, proven to get you paid more, faster, while you focus on patients

Conventional medical billing systems give you just software. athenaCollector — rated the #1 Practice Management Service by KLAS for practices with 11-75 physicians — delivers more, combining our network of 115,000 providers, our continuously updated rules engine, and our back-office teams working on your behalf. Our experts take on your most time-consuming tasks, like claim submission and follow-up, denial management, payment posting and more, getting practices paid 6% more, and 32% faster.1

By working at massive scale for our clients, athenahealth drives results with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. It’s part of our proven approach. 

Keeping claims error-free

We focus on getting you paid the first time, that’s why 94% of claims submitted by our practices are successfully adjudicated on the first submission.

You didn't go into medicine to master the ins and outs of payer regulations. We stay ahead of change with our proprietary Billing Rules EngineTM, a database of more than 40 million payer rules. Our Payer Intelligence team diligently keeps the Rules Engine up-to-date, researching payer information and tracking more than 35 million claims per quarter. And to ensure a denial never happens again, we continuously monitor payer trends and add new insurance rules daily via our network. 

Here’s how our proprietary Rules Engine Works:
The Rules Engine automatically alerts you to any issue with a claim, so you can address it before the claim is submitted. You’re more likely to submit clean claims and collect payment faster. If a claim is denied, we help fix it and add a new rule, so that denial never occurs again for an athenahealth provider.

Expert medical billing teams that reduce work and hassle

While your staff moves through our easy 5-stage workflow, expert teams track and manage your claims—work that we perform at scale for our network of more than 115,000 providers.

And our proprietary Billing Rules Engine helps keep claims error-free the first time. If a claim has any issues, the Rules Engine alerts you before it’s submitted, resulting in fewer denials and far less follow-up work with payers. Getting you paid for the care you provide is one way we help doctors focus on the work that matters most.

ICD-10 update: Business as usual for athenahealth clients

Leading up to the ICD-10 transition on October 1, 2015, our teams worked tirelessly to prepare our clients and our network. And it paid off. athenahealth clients saw little or no change in their medical billing efficiencies following the end of ICD-9. In fact, we even saw some improvements network-wide for October and November of 2015, with days in accounts receivable (DAR) decreasing by 1.48% and the frequency of claims resolving upon first submission improving by .21%.

Succeed with quality programs

Our services are continuously updated with expert knowledge, new information, and insights from our network of over 115,000 providers.  We keep you prepared for industry change, as shown by our industry-leading 98.2% attestation rate for Meaningful Use 2.

Coaching you for optimal financial results

By benchmarking, tracking, and continually helping you improve your processes, we make sure your practice—and collections—are managed as efficiently as possible. And we track and identify areas for improving key performance measures.  For example, entering patient charges soon after care is delivered, or minimizing charge entry lag. 

As part of our athenaCollector service, we provide training, resources and coaching to help you monitor turnaround time, at no additional charge. We also identify and implement other medical billing best practices learned from our network of more than 115,000 providers. 

Performance Benchmark Tool

See how your practice compares to top-performing organizations in your specialty.

Video Testimonial

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Hear how athenahealth helped this independent OB/GYN practice to increase collections by 12%.


Medical Billing & Practice Management
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See how athenaCollector reduces administrative and medical billing work, helping you to earn more, faster.