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Realize the benefits of a reimagined EHR and how it can help you improve efficiency and care.

Patient Narrative and the EHR

It’s time for an EHR that is designed around the patient narrative and the way that physicians prefer to work. A successful EHR respects a physician’s time, and supports meaningful communication rather than just data entry.

The physician should be able to work with the patient narrative in a clean, intuitive way, and access it more easily. A visually pleasing EHR display should look and feel like other common online experiences, so there’s less need for “how-to” training. And the physician shouldn’t be bothered by tasks others can do—those should be handled by staff and the health IT vendor.

In order to reimagine the EHR, we need to learn from physicians, as much and as often as possible. A cloud-based services vendor can track every keyboard click across its network of providers, so EHR software can continuously develop and improve.

For example, a cloud-based platform provides immediate insight into how providers are using the EHR to access the patient narrative. When physicians say a task is taking longer than usual, the cloud-based vendor can measure the time. When they say the ordering workflow is better, the cloud-based vendor can see if they’re placing orders more efficiently. This level of visibility is impossible with a closed software system.

There’s another critical component of a reimagined EHR that goes beyond the physician experience. The EHR needs to be a key revenue driver for medical practices. How? By keeping track of quality measures that maximize reimbursement for the practice.

Cloud-based IT vendors can continuously update their quality program databases as program information changes. They can embed Meaningful Use, PQRS and other program measures into the most optimal point of the EHR workflow. The result is that providers stay up-to-date on clinical measures and reporting requirements, while staying focused on the patient narrative. This is essential in the transition to value-based reimbursement.

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