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Learn how to remain independent and succeed as a Community, Rural and Critical Access Hospital in today's evolving healthcare landscape.

Taking Control of Revenue Cycle Management

Hospital revenue cycle management is one of the greatest challenges facing community hospitals, where every dollar counts and bad cash flow can hamstring operations. Getting hospital revenue cycle management under control requires software and services that track claims throughout their lifecycle, addressing denied claims and ensuring that all payments are collected in a timely manner. athenaCollector  Enterprise[link to athenaCollector Enterprise page] does all of this – efficiently and reliably – helping to ensure a steady revenue stream for your hospital.

Community hospital billing (which includes rural hospital billing and critical access hospital billing) is the heart of the revenue cycle. Your hospital needs to show the status of all claims at all times, whether they’ve been submitted to a payer or to an individual patient. athenaCollector offers community hospital billing that handles:

  • Patient Registration – Fully integrated with EHRs and capable of collecting patient obligations, or setting up payment plans, in the office – particularly important for community hospitals, which are seeing large numbers of previously uninsured patients
  • Medical Necessity – Checking at the point of order with Advanced Beneficiary Notice (ABN) available
  • Eligibility Verification – Electronic checking of patients’ insurance eligibility, enabling hospitals to pre-determine coverage and minimize uncollected balances
  • Accounts Receivable – Complete management of the billing and collections process, integrated with all core revenue cycle management functions
  • Electronic Remittance Advice – Automated reception of electronic remittance advice from an intermediary and electronic posting of payments within the financial management system, minimizing errors and increasing productivity
  • Claims Management – Using a claims scrubber to ensure clean claims and quicker reimbursement
  • Automated Secondary Billing – Processing secondary claims based on postings of primary payments
  • Collections – Access to all data required for the daily follow-up activity that reduces days in accounts receivable 
Finally, athenahealth’s community hospital billing system can handle the new ICD-10 coding efficiently and accurately, so revenue is not held up due to errors, which could profoundly affect your hospitals’ cash-flow.

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