From 'Sea Monstah' fame to addiction recovery

  | February 2, 2017

In the fall of 2015, Mike Bergin of Malden, Massachusetts, went fishing in Boston Harbor with his friend Jay — and they hooked a creature that defied identification.

Turns out it was a sunfish. After Bergin pulled out his phone and made a memorable video of the catch, he quickly learned what happens when viral fame hits.

What the world may not know about Bergin is that, while his sunfish video made him a cult hero, his recovery from opioid abuse is the story of which he's most proud.

On the anniversary of the day his fishing video went viral, athenaInsight met Bergin at Column Health, an addiction treatment center in Somerville, Massachusetts, where he has been undergoing treatment.

Video produced by Laura Longsworth. Chelsea Rice contributed to this report.

From 'Sea Monstah' fame to addiction recovery